About Us

Folk, Rock, Roots, Traditional and Party Music
Jeffrey Cohen Consulting

Twenty odd years ago, Eric Jonasson and David “Banjovi” Henteleff” started an acoustic duo that they dubbed The Don Valley Boyz. By the late 80’s, Garth Douglas and Pete Lawson joined and the ever evolving folk/bluegrass band started to take root.

David Henteleff has since moved on (to Winnipeg), though he still drops by for the occasional evening of banjo mayhem. Eric eventually formed a rock band, but found that he still needed a musical outlet for his softer side… a safe haven where he could play acoustic music without fear of persecution or ridicule.

Over the years, The Don Valley Boyz became an acoustic refuge for a growing crowd of talented musical malcontents. As their repertoire and reputation grew, so did their compliment. The DVB’s now total five (that’s enough guitar, mandolin, ukelele, banjo and bass strings to keep a small music store in business), not to mention a few musical budz who lend a hand now and then.

The DVB’s play traditional folk, bluegrass, roots music and original songs in the great Canadian pub style. In other words, have a few beers on the boyz. The music will taste that much sweeter.

The Don Valley Boyz are available for festivals, street fairs, parties and more. Book your event today!